Synthetic Opal Silver Pendant:

Synthetic opal set in Sterling Silver tear drop leaf design. Synthetic opal 10mm x 8mm. Total Length: 1-1/2".

Item#: PS426O
Price:  $25.00​​​​ ​​
Heart Pendant:

Sterling Silver heart shape pendant in a open cut floral design​​.  Total Length: 1-1/4".  Total Width: 1-1/8".
Item#:  PS427
Price:  $15.00​​​
Rutilated  Smokey Quartz  Pendant:

Rutilated Quartz with smokey quartz set in Sterling Silver.  Rutilated Quartz: 18mm x 15mm.  Center smokey quartz: 10mm x mm.  Bottom smokey quartz: 8mm x 8mm. Total Length: ​​2-1/4".
Item#:   PS​​428SQ
Price:  $75.00​

Amethyst Pendant:

8 Amethyst stone pendant set in Sterling Silver. 4 large Amethyst: 6mm x 6mm. Total length: 1-1'2"
Item#:  PS429AM
Price:   $35.00​​​​​​
Multi Gemstone Pendant:

Moonstone, Peridot, Iolite, Cabochon Emerald set in Sterling Silver.  Total Length: 2-1/8".
​ ****SOLD****
​Item#: PS
Price:  $59.00​​​​​
Smokey Quartz Multi Gemstone Pendant:

Smokey Quartz (15mmx10mm) with Citrine, Amethyst.  Garnet set in bale.
Total Length: 2".

Item#:  PS431SQ
Price:   $39.00​​​​​​​​
Silver Cameo Pendant/Brooch:

Early Vintage Sterling Silver Cameo Pendant/Brooch with carved center rose surrounded by flowers.  Diameter: 1-1/4".

Item#:  SP432
Price:   $300.00​​​​  ​​
Malachite Pendant:

Oval shape Malachite set in Sterling Silver.  ​Total Length: 1-3/4".  Width: 7/8".
​Item#: SP433M
Price:  $65.00​

Marcasite Pendant:

Sterling Silver Pendant in a classically beautiful Antique motif set with Marcasite and a bezel set CZ in center. Total Length: 2-1/4"; Total Width: 1" Width
Item#:  SP464MAR
Price:   $75.00​​​
Purse Pendant-Locket:

Vintage Sterling Silver engraved purse pendant/locket.  Purse opens. Total Width: 3/4": Total Length (including chain) 2"
Item#:  SP564
Price:   $79.00​​​​​
Maltese Cross Pendant:

Maltese Cross Pendant in sterling silver set with clear and ruby red cubic zirconias. Pendant measures:1" x 1/2". (chain not included)
Item#:  SP565CZ
Price:  $45.00​​​​​
Cat Pendant/Brooch:

This classic Sterling Silver Cat Pendant/Brooch measures 2-1/2" x 1".  ​​
Perfect for cat aficionados. (chain not included)

Item#:  SP656
Price:  $49.95​​​
Rose Pendant:
Sterling Silver Rose Pendant measures 1" in diameter.  (chain not included)

It​em#: SP657​
​Price:  $38.00
Turquoise "Sunburst" Pendant:
Turquoise set in a sterling silver "Sunburst" vintage pendant.  Pendant measures 2-1/2" x 1-3/4".

Item#: SP658T
Price:  $85.00