Silver Bracelet:

Vintage Silver hinged Bypass cuff bracelet made in Mexico by ATI.  Hallmark: "ATI" "925", "Mexico".
Item#: BS321
Price: $269.00​​​  

​​  ​​
Silver Bracelet:

Vintage "Maze" link bracelet with toggle end..  Hallmark: "925", "Mexico".  Total length​​: 7.5".

Item#: BS322
Price: $125.00​​​​
Silver Onyx Bracelet

Vintage Silver "Tribal" hinged panel bracelet set with Green Onyx..  Hallmark: "Silver", "Mexico".  Total length: 7.5".
Item#:  BS323OG
Price:  $125.00​​​
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Silver Bracelet:

Silver cuff bracelet with Celtic "weave" design. Diameter: 7".

Item#: BS324
Price: $65.00​​​​​​​
Silver Bracelet:

Silver cuff bracelet with top/bottom silver 'rope'.  Center is engraved 'elliptical' motif.  Diameter: 6.5".

Item#: BS325
Price: $125.00​​​
Silver Bracelet:

Silver cuff bracelet with center 'weave'. Delicate "s" design compliments on top/bottom of cuff.  Diameter: 6.75"

Item#: BS326
Price:  $60.00​​​​​
Vintage Silver Bracelet:

Vintage sterling silver shadow box style hinge bangle with a 'hunting buffalo' ​​etch. Stamped: Heche en Mexico 925 JLA Assay Eagle. 10mm width; Inside circumference: 7". 

Item#:  BS327
Price:  $65.00​​​​
Vintage Celestial Silver Bracelet:

Celestial Star/Moon link vintage sterling silver bracelet with a toggle clasp.  Each panal measures 18mm.  Total Length: 7-3/4".

Item#:  BS328
Price:  $75.00​​​​​
Mikal-Jon Bayaihan Silver Bracelet:

Modernist style Bayanihan Mikal-Jon signed Sterling Silver cuff made in an incredible structural design​​ from Spain. Height measures up to  2-3/8" ; fits a small to medium wrist. Cuff weighs 171 grams.

Item#:  BS328
Price:  $575.00​​​
Bayanihan Silver Bracelet:

Sterling Silver modernist style Bayanihan cuff bracelet.  This elegantly designed cuff fits a small to medium wrist. Height: 2". Weight: 159 grams.

Item#: BS329
Price:  $449.00​​​
Vintage Amethyst Bracelet:

Vintage Sterling Silver Mexican bracelet with a center cabachon amethyst measuring 1" x 1/2".  ​​It is in the style of Horacio de Parra. Total length: 7-1/4", Width: 3/4".   c1935-1945.
Item#:  BS​​330
Price:  $495.00​
Puddingstone Geometric Bracelet:

Sterling silver geometric shaped links with center polished puddingstone.  Made in 1997 and signed by Gicker.  Total length: 7.5".

Item#:  BS331
Price:  $125.00​​​​​

Antonio Reina 'Fern" Bracelet:

Vintage ​​clamper cuff bracelet made by Antonio Reina.  Stamped "Hecho en Mexico 925 Sterling AAR Taxco".  Diameter: 7", Front Width: 2-1/4".  c1940's.

Item#: BS332
Price:  $350.00​​​​
Vintage Mexican Silver Cuff:

Vintage Open Designed Sterling Silver
Cuff.  Width: 2". Length: 6", Gap: 1-1/2". Weight: 54.25 grams. c1960's-1970's.

Item#: BS333
Price:  $165.00