Navajo Ring:

Vintage sand cast Navajo ring with Turquoise in silver.  Size: 8-1/4
Item#: R131NA
Price: $100.00​​​​​​​
Navajo Ring:

Vintage Navajo ring with coral and turquoise  and flower motif.  Size: 6

Item#: R132NA​​​​
Price: $75.00​
Navajo Ring:

Vintage Navajo in silver set with an exquisite Turquoise.  Size 9
Item#: R133NA
Price: $235.00​​​​​
Navajo Ring:

Vintage Navajo with red coral and turquoise set in silver.​​​ Size: 6
Item#: R134NA
Price:  $75.00​​​
Hopi Overlay Sun God Ring:

Ho​​pi ring made by Jason Takai in sterling silver and 14kt yellow gold.  Symbol is "Sun God' and in 14kt yellow gold.  Shank is sterling silver.  Size 11.
Item#: R135NAH
Price:  $425.00​​​
Navajo Overlay Buffalo Ring:

Vintage Navajo Overlay Buffalo Ring in sterling silver and 14kt yellow gold, made by Leah Cleavand.  Size 10.
Item#:  R136NAN
Price:​​​​​   $379.00
Navajo Opal/Black Jade Ring:

Vintage Navajo Opal/Black Jade Inlay Ring set in Sterling Silver made by Roger Skeets, Jr.  Size 10
Item#:  R137NAN
Price:  $279.00​​​​​
Navajo Buffalo Ring:

Vintage Navajo Buffalo Ring​​ in Sterling Silver, signed "Dean", Size 9

Item#:  R138NAN
Price:  $125.00​​​
Navajo Buffalo/Turquoise Ring:

Vintage Navajo Buffalo Sterling Silver Ring set with  2 Turquoise made by Roberta Begay at Running Bear, Gallup, New Mexico. Size 9
Item#:  R139NANT
Price:  $99.00​​​​​
Navajo Turquoise Ring;

Vintage Navajo Turquoise Ring in Sterling Silver made by J. Nelson. c1970's.  Size 10.5​

Item#:  R140NANT
Price:  $149.00


Zuni Coral Ring:

Zuni Coral Cluster Work Lady's Ring in Sterling Silver with a Split Shank. Size 7
Item#:  R141NAZC
Price:  $195.00


Native American Chief Ring:

Native American Chief Ring in Sterling Silver set with Mother of Pearl.  Size 9
Item#: R142NAMOP
Price:  $95.00
Navajo Turquoise Ring:

Vintage Navajo Turquoise Sterling Silver Ring Made by Rose Castillo.  Size 9.5

Item# R143NAT
Price: $85.00