Navajo Bracelet:

Vin​tage Navajo sand cast bracelet in sterling silver with turquoise center stone.​

Item#:  B501NA​​
Price:   $250.00​
Navajo Bracelet:

Vintage cuff bracelet in 'open' sterling silver design by Navajo artist HCU Thompson​​.  Hallmarks: "HCU Thompson"; "Navajo Sterling."

Item#:  B502NA​​
Price:  $125.00​

Zuni Bracelet:

Zuni silver cuff bracelet set with 7 turquoise in sterling silver, made for child, size: X-SM
Item#:  B503NAZ
Price:  $59.00​​​​​
Navajo Bracelet:
Navajo Turquoise and Red Coral cuff vintage  bracelet set in sterling silver with flower and leaf design.

Item#:  B504NA
Price:  $​​​225.00
Zuni Turquoise Bracelet:

Lady's Zuni cuff sterling silver bracelet with inlayed turquoise​​,  Width of bracelet: 3/8".  Circumference: 5.5".  
Item#:  B505NAZ
Price:   $45.00​​​

Needlepoint Turquoise Bracelet:

Lady's vintage Navajo needl​epoint turquoise bracelet made by Jimmy Yazzie.  Circumferemce: 6". c1970's.
Item#: B506NAN
Price:: $249.00​​​
Navajo Malachite Bracelet:

Navajo malachite cuff bracelet made by Morningstar.  Malachite measures 1-1/2" x 1".  Diameter of cuff: 6".

Item#:  B507NAN
Price:  $150.00​​​​​
Navajo Buffalo Black Onyx Bracelet:

Buffalo & Black Onyx Cuff Bracelet in Sterling Silver made by Navajo Artist, James Shay.​​
​ Measures 1" width, Diameter 6".  

Item#:  B508NAN
Price:  $699.00​​​​​
Navajo Vintage Cuff Bracelet:

Vintage Navajo Blackened Sterling Silver  Cuff Bracelet by Steven J Begay.  ​​Size: 6.75.

Item#:  B509NAN
Price:  $1,000.00​​​
Navajo Storyteller Cuff Bracelet:

Vintage Navajo Buffalo Storyteller Cuff Bracelet​​ in Sterling Silver with 12kt gold filled overly by Jacob Kahe. c1960's.

Item#:  B510NAN
Price:  $245.00​​​
Vintage Navajo Turquoise Bracelet:

Vintage Sterling Silver Turquoise Cuff with Leaf Motif. Turquoise measures: 1-3/4" x 1/2".  Size SM (6").  Made by Brugh Tsosie.
Item#: B511NAN
Price:  $275.00
Navajo Turquoise Bracelet:

Navajo Leaf Motif Cuff Bracelet set with Turquoise. Turquoise measures 12mm x 10mm​.  Size SM (5-1/2"). Stamped 'JP'

Item#:  B512NAN
Price:  $159.00
Vintage Navajo Coral Bracelet:

Vintage Natural Salmon Red Coral Bezel Set Cuff in sterling silver. There are 8 corals, each measures approximately 6x4mm.  ​​Circumference: 6-1/2"

Item#:  B513NAC
Price:  $250.00
Vintage Navajo Amethyst Cuff:

Amethyst set in Sterling Silver Cuff by Navajo Silversmith, Robert Kelly.  Amethyst measures: 24mmx21mm. Width: 1-3/4", Circumference: 6", Gap: 1-1/8". Weight: 105 grams. c1970's.

Item#: B​​514A
Price: $695.00
Vintage Navajo Rhodochrosite Cuff:

Oval Cabochon Rhodochrosite bezel set in sterling silver signed by Carlos.  Center Stone measures ​20mm x 15mm. Side stones: 15mm x 11mm. Cuff: 5-1/2" w/gap of 1-1/4".

Item#:  B515Rhod
Price: $225.00